Pint Club eliminates burdensome decision-making. 


In this world that presents us with endless choices a la Mary Poppins + that big ol' bag, it's sometimes refreshing--nay! novel--to have before us.

With Pint Club, you get just that.

The second week of each month, Rooted rolls out a seasonal flavor, available for pickup at a tbd location within Pittsburgh.  For $10 ($1 less than ye ol' average custom pint), you become of a member of this club, this Pint Club -Lite,- this Pint Club Lite life.

  1. We'll announce the current month's flavor on the 2nd of each month.

  2. If it sounds good to you, you'll go online; you'll click click click and change the order of the queue so that you can see Love Actually...I mean, you'll commit to the ice cream.

  3. You'll get an email letting you know the pickup time and place.

Bada bing, bada boom.

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